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The NEWSREC project deals directly with one of the most pressing questions facing the news media today: What are the precise conditions under which news recommender technology are for the better or the worse for the democratic role of the news media? We focus on one of the most heavily debated consequences of news recommenders: individuals' exposure to and sharing of like-minded news (selective exposure and sharing). Welcome

Who are we?

Meet the NEWSREC team


Erik Knudsen

PI (Uni. Bergen/MediaFutures, NO)


Damian Trilling

Core group member (Uni. Amsterdam, NL)


Christoph Trattner

Core group member (Uni. Bergen/MediaFutures, NO)


Khadiga Seddik

Core group member and PhD candidate (Uni. Bergen, NO)


Natali Helberger

Advisory board member (Uni. Amsterdam, NL)

Magdalena Wojcieszak.jpeg

Magdalena Wojcieszak

Advisory board member (UC Davis, US)


Wouter van Atteveldt

Advisory board Member (VU, NL) Our Team

Watch PI Erik Knudsen's TED talk

In this talk, Erik Knudsen presents the core idea of the NEWSREC project and his research on the promises and perils of algorithmic news recommender systems. Video
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